Patrice Aime

bio_picSinger songwriter Patrick Aime was born in Cameroon, West Africa. Growing up, music was a part of Patrick’s everyday surroundings, so it was inevitable that he would find himself playing drums for one of school bands. He continued drumming after graduating high school, and he went on to play and sing with some of the local dance bands. This granted him the opportunity to perform at many colleges and popular venues throughout the region.

Patrick Aime can be considered a cosmopolitan person because he has traveled to several regions of the world to experience new cultures. He earned a degree in Business Law and has worked as a journalist and business owner. Patrick is also fluent in several languages including French, Spanish, English, and three African dialects. His travels have exposed him to a diversity of musical sounds from around the world. International recording artists like James Brown (USA), Seal (UK), Hugh Masekela of South Africa, Fela Ramson Kuti of Nigeria, and Manu Dibango from Cameroon are all influences of his musical style.

Patrick believes that music is the one language that can break all cultural barriers, because it expresses the sincerity of one’s soul. His latest project entitled DREAMS is a blend of rich sounding Hip Hop, R&B, and Jazz with an under-tone of Patrick’s African heritage.

DREAMS contains songs of joy, love, and unity. These are things we all need more of and this is why Patrick’s music has such universal appeal. The songs are as diverse as Patrick’s cultural experiences. Many say it is music medicine that will capture your spirit and heal what ails your soul. DREAMS is a must have for all music lovers.